The ERP Driver Sync Tool is software that automatically syncs data (like orders, products, customers, and inventory levels) between your Sage ERP X3 financial & inventory software system and your ecommerce website or other applications.

Sync Tool Packages

#1 - CSV or XML to/from FTP

Our ERP Driver Sync Tool moves data into and out of your ERP system using CSV or XML files that are dropped on an FTP directory. It automatically imports sales orders into your ERP. It also exports products, customers, addresses, inventory levels, and shipments from your ERP. It can run as fast as every 1 minute. When exporting data, it can drop only records that change.. or it can batch export an entire table (or both).

#2 - Magento Integration

Our Magento to Sage ERP X3 integration involves two pieces of software: 1) Our ERP Driver Sync Tool that moves data into and out of the ERP system. It communicates with your Magento website through Magento's standard API interfaces. 2) A Magento Extension that extends the capabilities of Magento's APIs to allow us to push and pull data with our sync tool. The extension installs a custom controller file and some additional attribute fields on products, customers, addresses, and orders. This offering is available on recent versions of Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.

#3 - Other Carts / Custom APIs

This option is built on top of our standard offering (option #1). We can configure the Sync Tool to interface with your website‘s custom APIs (using Web Services, REST, HTML form-posts, etc). All integration services are billed hourly, based on the scope required. This option can be considered for:

  • Open-source PHP/MySQL carts like Magento, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Interspire, Ubercart, and WP e-Commerce.
  • Cloud-based carts like Volusion, Yahoo! Stores, Miva Merchant, Shopify, and 3DCart.

Pricing Details

This pricing is for package #1 (CSV/XML to FTP). The Magento integration pricing is an add-on price in the Upgrade Options section below. The package #1 pricing includes moving flat files (CSV or XML) to/from an FTP directory that you provide. We will provide sample files layouts for the flat files. The sync tool will automatically translate the data to get it into and out of the Sage ERP X3 financial & inventory software.

The software setup price does not vary. The monthly price uses a sliding scale based on the qty of orders per month that are being imported by the Sync Tool.

  • Up to 500 orders/mo = $100/mo
  • 501 to 2,000 orders/mo = $200/mo
  • 2,001 to 10,000 orders/mo = $300/mo
  • Each additional 10,000 orders/mo = ADD $100/mo
  • Sales Orders (order header, order lines, customer, address, CC auth info) - 1 row per order line
  • Customers (can filter customers)
  • Products (includes standard/retail price, can filter products)
  • Inventory Quantity By Warehouse (can filter warehouses & products)
  • Shipments (supports native shipment tracking data or Starship data)
  • This control panel allows you to see (and edit) what the ERP Driver sync tool is doing.
  • It does NOT store your actual data / content – it just stores the configurations used by the ERP Driver software and a history of what happened.
  • Allows you to:
    • Set up and change your FTP pickup and drop-off credentials
    • Turn on & off data moves (individually controlled)
    • Change how often each data move runs (i.e. every 1 minute, hour, day, etc)
    • Run an on-demand refresh of a table of data (moves all records)
    • See an activity log of all data move runs (data time, record count, etc)
  • ERP Driver control panel setup and testing
  • Standard sync tool install with full ERP integration and testing
    • Includes setting up Standard Data Moves only
    • The data moves will pick up / drop off flat files from an FTP directory
    • Client is responsible for providing the FTP directory
    • The files will be in CSV or XML format
    • The file layout (CSV column names / XML element names) will be our default layout
    • CSV files contain: 1) a header row containing the column / field name, and 2) on row for each record
    • XML files contain: 1) a record element (wrapping each record), and ii) element-value pairs for each field
  • Control panel turnover and data flow review phone call with PM (approx. 1 hrs)
  • When the order is received, we will set up a date-time with you for the ERP Driver Install
    • This is typically scheduled for 1-2 weeks after the order date
    • We will set up the ERP Driver control panel and standard configurations before the call
  • You are required to set up an FTP server and provide us login credentials before the call
  • You are required to set up remote access to your network before the call
  • This is required for us to log in and install and test the ERP Driver and change logging
  • Project Management
  • Content support
  • Training
  • Tweaks and Customizations
  • Consulting
  • Punchlisting
  • Any / all other support needed
  • Any un-used time will be refunded or credited to your account
  • Additional time is available in 4 hour blocks

Estimated Total:

$4,580 setup + $100 / month

The following is a list of the most common upgrades requested with our ERP Diver sync tool.

  • Magento Extension & Integration ADD $2,000 setup
  • Zen Cart Integration coming soon
  • PrestaShop Integration coming soon
  • VirtueMart Integration coming soon
  • osCommerce Integration coming soon
  • Additional PM, Consulting, Content, etc. (8-hour block @ $135/hr) $1,080
  • Integrations with Custom APIs or Other Software Systems (planning @ $185/hr, development @ $135/hr) hourly, as needed
    • This includes SOAP, REST, HTML Form Posts, etc
    • This includes receiving / delivering the data in any industry standard or custom file format / payload
    • You providing us with documentation on the APIs
    • You pricing us with details on what data you want integrated
    • You approving a 2-6 hour billable block of time for planning
    • This will allow us to provide a more accurate estimate of the work involved to integrate with the custom API.
    • Once we complete the technical assessment / plan and provide the estimate, you can choose to stop the work or proceed with the implementation.

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